• IT/Technical Recruitment/Contracting Solutions in Bulgaria,Poland,Romania,Germany,USA and UK.

    Providing The Best Software Engineers and IT Staff in Bulgaria,Poland,Romania,Germany,USA and UK.

    Delivering Top IT Consultants and Contractors.

  • Get Recruitment power. Local or Global.

    Hire an experienced IT / Technical Recruitment Consultant / Contractor immediately for your project. Start today.

    Our fee is 4400 euros per month for one IT / Technical Recruitment Consultant.

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  • Legal IT &Tech

    Legal assistance and consultation of software and technology companies from all over the world by top IT/Tech legal consultants.

  • Market Research.

    Complete, up-to-date and largest market research of Bulgaria, for the amount of IT talents, roles, programming languages, technologies, universities, software and technology companies on the market.

    To purchase market research.

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  • Strategic Advantages.

    1 year warranty period.

    We give our customers the largest warranty period in Europe and North America.

    2-3 weeks.

    We find for our clients top tech talents within 2-3 weeks.

    4-5+ years.

    Candidates we have found for our clients work an average of 4-5+ years in the companies of our clients.

    Winning strategy.

    We develop large-scale strategies to reach the greatest tech talents through human and AI approaches.

    Brilliant minds.

    We will find for you top talents at the level of the people working in companies like Google,Tesla,Apple,Microsoft,Amazon, Spacex and Meta.

    Aggressive search.

    We will do our utmost to find for you the best talent in the market.


    No compromises.


    7 days a week.

    We are search,keep in touch and communicating with the best IT talents, seven days a week.




    Top Quality and Quantity.

    We guarantee on 100% that you will get from us the highest quality and highest number of top candidates, even if you work with 10 or more recruitment companies at the same time.




  • Solutions

    The best solutions for securing your business with the most talented and value-adding IT/Technical people and resources.


    IT/Technical Recruitment

    Finding the best IT/Technical candidates in all industries.


    Mass Recruitment

    Delivering a large number of staff (50-500 +) in short terms.



    Take from us your ready-made team of recruiting consultants.



    Hunt for Super IT/Technical Talents.


    Staff Leasing

    Take on rent from us, a fully-prepared large team of staff, according to your needs.


    BPO Recruitment

    We provide you candidates with a variety of technical and language skills.

  • Media

    Your Global Partner for Top IT Talents.


  • Dedicated Teams

    Hire world-class dedicated software development teams (5 to 100+ people).

  • AI Talents

    Hire a top AI contractors for your project.
    *This service is currently available only to the US, Canada and the UK.

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  • Complete service from scratch,legal and technological creation and structuring of highly qualified and highly efficient comprehensive teams around the world.

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    If you are looking for the best software engineers and IT staff in the world.

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